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Pumpkin Inc. - Pumpkin, Inc. manufactures the CubeSat KitTM, an off-the-shelf combination of hardware and software for picosatellites that conform to the CubeSat specification.

Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC. - Supplier of NanoSat and CubeSat space vehicle products and services that target advanced state-of-the-art capabilities for government and commercial customers to support operationally and scientifically relevant missions.  The Tyvak Team brings extensive CubeSat and Aerospace Engineering experience in developing, fabricating, testing, launching, and operating by leveraging our background with “First Generation” CubeSats.  We provide complete CubeSat Bus and vehicles for advanced missions, as well as direct sales of select Tyvak components and product suites to support other organization’s in-house projects.  Our lean operating infrastructure allow us to provide low cost solutions and quick response capabilities.

Innovative Solutions In Space - ISIS - Innovative is a young and dynamic company in the space industry. The company specializes in the miniaturization of satellite systems with a particular emphasis on the design and development of subsystems for micro- and nanosatellites. Located in the Netherlands in Delft, ISIS supports small satellite projects and missions with its services and products.

Clyde Space - Clyde Space are power systems experts and offer afforable, high performance electrical power systems including off-the-shelf CubeSat power systems, solar arrays, batteries and are liscensed reseller of the CubeSat Kit in Europe. We are happy to work with CubeSat and small satellite projects to provide solutions to meet your needs.

GOMSpace - GomSpace is a spin-off company from Aalborg University in Denmark. The company draws on engineering and research expertise gained from university projects spanning small satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics. GomSpace employees were behind one of the first pico-satellites to be launched and today the company posses a great body of knowledge concerning management of and engineering for small satellite systems. We take a systems oriented approach and can contribute to any phase of a project.

Stras Space - Stras Space is a full-service nano-satellite engineering company located in Toronto, Canada. With experience ranging from the very small (1-U CubeSats) to the very large (1.5 ton space station prototype), we offer products and services for attitude determination and control, power electronics, command and data handling, software, and systems engineering. We understand the "small space" way, and can help make your next mission a success.

IntelliTech Microsystems, Inc.- IMI specializes in spacecraft attitude determination and control systems.  We manufacture the MI-100 which is the first 3 axis momentum wheel and electromagnet attitude control system intended specifically for Cubesats and other micro and nanosatellites.  Please visit our website to see our complete line of ADACS sensors and actuators.  We are always happy to discuss your mission and lend our expertise.

Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc.

Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. is a small company specializing in aerospace control and simulation technology. We sell commercial software including control toolboxes for MATLAB™, stand-alone simulations, and C++ libraries for real-time software. We have developed a toolbox specifically for CubeSats. The CubeSat Toolbox, for use with MATLAB®, provides you with the tools needed to design CubeSats - all within the MATLAB environment. The toolbox consists of the CubeSat module from the Spacecraft Control Toolbox with a subset of functions from the core toolbox; the Spacecraft Control Toolbox is not required.

Space Micro is an ISO-9000 supplier of high reliability, rad hard/tolerant electronics cards for space avionics and communications used in Cubesats, nanosats, and small sats. These cards include high performance space processor, memory, GPS, Analog I/O, digital I/O, power management, battery monitoring, radiation dosimeter, and GPS cards. Our space radios include S-band, X-band, and K-band. In addition, we are developing a novel conformal, low drag UHF antenna for Cubesats, and seeking a University class initial flight.

Sequoia Logo
Sequoia Space provides satellite buses, subsystems, components and space-mission-related services in Latin America and in the rest of the world. Sequoia focuses in Pico and Nano satellite missions with more than seven years of experience in this field, offering complete and effective solutions to governmental and educational institutions. Sequoia offers to its customers complete technical support in Spanish and English (soon in Portuguese too) for their missions, not only for Sequoia's own products but also for products from some European and American companies which Sequoia represents as an authorized reseller in Latin America.

BCT Logo

Blue Canyon Technologies - BCT Staff have developed, tested and flown components and systems on more than 27 diverse space missions. We offer a range of high performance, low recurring cost, and rapid response CubeSat spacecraft systems and components. We specialize in precision pointing platforms based upon our high performance Attitude Determination and Control components, integrated systems, and our XACT CubeSat bus.

Spaceflight provides routine access to space for deployed and hosted payloads at affordable prices by using standard flight interfaces, frequent flight opportunities and published commercial pricing. Spaceflight specializes in the launch of payloads ranging from 3 kg CubeSats up to 300 kg SmallSats from a variety of space launch vehicles.  Spaceflight provides routine flight opportunities using our network of Launch Services Providers including SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, Virgin Galactic, Kosmotras (Dnepr), and Progress (Soyuz). Spaceflight supports an array of dispensers and has developed custom flight support equipment to transport small / secondary payload to low earth orbit, geosynchronous transfer orbit, geosynchronous orbit, or beyond.

Aerojet. Provider of standardized modular propulsion systems for CubeSats as well as development and production services for customized solutions. Aerojet performs architecture and mission studies to assist customers with finding the right solution for their mission application. For customers requiring post-delivery support, Aerojet also provides propulsion system integration and fuelling support services. Aerojet’s expertise stems from over 70 years of development and production of cold gas, solid motors, monopropellant, bipropellant, and electric propulsion systems for defense, civil, commercial, and research applications.

Berlin Space Technologies (BST) is a German specialist for small satellite systems and technology. Our expertise is based on the famous TUBSAT satellites and covers satellites systems of 1 to 100kg. In the field of Cubesats and Nanosatellites we focus on the attitude control system. Our products range from individual components such as star trackers and reaction wheels to fully integrated ADCS solutions. Moreover our company offers hardware in the loop ADCS test benches based on air bearings and Helmholtzcoils.

ÅAC Microtec Group provides high value space solutions and system for commercial, government and educational customers. Our offerings in the Rapid Integration Architecture™ family are uniquely positioned to provide systems and products in the entire value chain from fault tolerant high reliability small satellite based space missions to educational missions as well as engineering training. Virtual System Integration™ dramatically reduces the cost of integration and enables system level simulation and validation on a global scale by remotely connecting  avionics and payloads through a secure internet link. 

Tethers Unlimited, Inc. -- TUI develops advanced propulsion, power, communications, and robotics technologies to provide revolutionary capability enhancements and dramatic cost savings for applications in space, sea, and air.  TUI’s suite of products for CubeSats and NanoSats include de-orbiting devices, software defined radios, deployable solar arrays, water electrolysis thruster, light-weight release mechanism, relative navigation system, 3 DOF gimbal, and compact 7 DOF robotic arm.  TUI also provides design and engineering services for unique customer needs.

Astronautical Development LLC specializes in CubeSat subsystems which are modularized to fit the size, mass, and power constraints of CubeSat missions.

The Group of Astrodynamics for the Use of Space Systems (G.A.U.S.S.) is an italian company carrying on the old tradition of the Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale in the field of microsatellites.

G.A.U.S.S. has gained its experience from the six differently shaped and sized satellites launches. The company business is mainly related to the design and realization of the micro, nano, pico and femto satellites, which are also intended as CubeSat, PocketQube and the releasing platforms. G.A.U.S.S. activities include structural design, realization and integration of the main subsystems and payloads and all the ground segment operations. Moreover it is also a small launch provider since it collects on its platform the small satellites realized by universities and research centers and deploys in orbit.

SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group - SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group is a Dutch-headed, technology driven organisation, active in the domains of (aero)Space, Remote Sensing & Monitoring, Defence & Security and the development of High-Tech Systems. Among other things, SSBV designs and manufactures sensors and sub-systems for high reliability small satellite and cubesat applications, develops next generation nanosat solutions and building blocks, as well as a new generation on-board computer and on-board payload data processor for the commercial smallsat market. SSBV is also leading the development of a capable, yet affordable, FMCW X-Band SAR radar for small satellites.

Solar MEMS Technologies S.L. is a company specialized in the Micro Electro Mechanical System technology (MEMS) and its application to high accurate sun sensors for Space, UAV and Renewable Energy industries. Solar MEMS know-how includes development and optimization of ADCS technologies, space projects management, custom electronic designs, integration solutions and interfaces adaptation in Nano/Pico satellite platforms. Solar MEMS is also participating in project CEPHEUS, which purpose is the design, implementation and integration of the first Andalusian testing low-cost satellite.

CU Aerospace offers both standardized and custom propulsion systems for CubeSats and other small-satellites.  Propulsion services include requirements definition, production, testing, integration, and post-delivery support.  CU Aerospace also has the capability to plan and analyze space missions.

Sterk Solutions ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) – Provides regulatory licensing support for radio transmission and space based imager systems.  For radio transmitters in space and on Earth, this includes frequency coordination, FCC application development and filing, and necessary NTIA and ITU documentation.  For imagers, all NOAA Commercial Remote Sensing regulatory requirements are covered, from initial contact, to pre launch.

Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH is a mid-sized business for space applications with more than 20 years experience situated in Berlin, Germany. We offer flight proven reaction wheels for CubeSats, picosatellite launchers for single, double and triple U’s, as well as custom designed ACDS solutions. Besides the CubeSats components, our company offers a flight proven satellite bus for satellites up to 120 kg (265 lbs) as well as corresponding components and an ACS test bench. To complete our product spectrum, we also provide ESA certified test services like thermal-vacuum cycling, vibration and pyroshock tests.

SkyFox Labs s.r.o. is a manufacturer of the World's First Space-Friendly™ components for CubeSats and Small Satellites you cannot find anywhere else. Products are completely designed, manufactured and tested in Czech Republic, a country with space heritage since 1978.

GUMUSH Aerospace & Defense is a dynamic team specializing in high tech aerospace technologies, located in Istanbul, and a spin-off company from two state-funded CubeSat projects. GUMUSH provides a wide range of products to customers in need of aerospace technologies. Also, GUMUSH has specialized in CubeSat components and subsystems such as structure, electrical power system, on board data handling and communication. Mainly we offer modular structures and bus systems for Pico/Nano/Micro Satellites. There are two ongoing projects with QB50 as a subcontractor. GUMUSH is glad to provide additional services such as solar panel design, and structural, thermal and orbit analysis, as well as mechanical and thermal tests for Pico/Nano/Micro satellites.

Planetary Systems Corporation provides lightweight, cost-effective, and test verified separation systems for the aerospace industry. Founded in 1998, PSC products include the Lightband family of ring based separation systems and Canisterized Satellite Dispenser (CSD) family of cubesat dispensers.

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