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Upcoming Launches

CubeSats are being launched from around the world from various launch vehicles. The list of launch opportunities is changing daily and increasing. One of the goals of the CubeSat Project is to provide easy access to space for all universities developing cubesats. Current launch opportunities are based outside of the US. The potential for US launches is around the corner.

In addition to services offered by Cal Poly, Innovative Solution in Space (ISIS)and the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) can offer opportunities for space access for CubeSats. More information about upcoming launches from UTIAS can be found here. More information about upcoming launches through ISIS can be found here.

Launch providers are encouraged to contact the CubeSat coordinator for potential launch opportunities in either orbital or suborbital types.

Developers of CubeSat satellites are encouraged to contact the CubeSat Coordinator regarding the readiness of their satellite for a potential launch opportunity.

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