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2012 Summer CubeSat Developers’ Workshop

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26th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites

August 11th-12th, 2012

Click here to download all the presentations.  Individual presentations available at the hyperlinks below.

Title Presenter Organization

What Makes Secondary Payload Launch Opportunities Attractive?

Joseph Carroll Tether Applications, Inc.

Interorbital Systems’ NEPTUNE 5 Modular Rocket: Summer Test Program Report with Launch Manifest Highlights and Updates

Randa Milliron Interorbital Systems

The Design and Analysis of the Housing Spacers for Polar Orbiting Passive Atmospheric Calibration Spheres (POPACS)

Timothy Wilwert
Drexel University

ArduSat - Open Source Access to a CubeSat with Arduinos and Sensor

Peter Platzer

A Report on the Regulatory Study Question on CubeSats before the ITU and the Operational Use of the 460-470 MHz Band for CubeSats

Charles Swenson
Utah State University

A Stellar Gyroscope for CubeSat Attitude Determination

Samir Rawshdeh SSBV Space and Ground Systems UK

From SmallSat to CubeSat: Reducing Mass, Size and Cost

Jeremy Straub and team
University of North Dakota

XB1: An Integrated Precision Platform Enabling a New Realm of CubeSat Science

Daniel Hegel
Blue Canyon Technologies

The CanX-7 Modular Drag Sail Demonstration Mission

Jesse Hiemstra University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies Space Flight Lab

SolWise: Sailing On Light With Interplanetary Science and Exploration (Open the 'Prezi' file on Mac, or 'prezi.exe' on Windows)

Andrew Klesh
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Don’t Worry, We’ll Fix it in Software

Maxime Castera
ISIS- Innovative Solutions in Space

Open-source Software Development for CubeSat Satellites

Sean Fitzsimmons
Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC

MAMBO: A Simple Soft-core Processor used in the COPPER Mission

Steve Massey
Saint Louis University

Ad-hoc CubeSat Constellations: Secondary Launch Coverage and Distribution

Anne Marinan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6U Mount for CubeSats on ESPA

Joe Maly
Moog CSA Engineering

Wallops 6U Deployer, UHF Ground Station, and Mission Planning Lab

Scott Schaire
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Wallops Flight Facility

The On-Orbit Performance of the HRBE (E1-P) CubeSat Nearing Nine Months in LEO

Matthew Handley and team
Montana State University/ Space Science and Engineering Lab

SCARAB: Integration of the COPPER and Argus Spacecraft

Tom Moline
Saint Louis University Space Systems Research Lab

AeroCube 3 and AeroCube 4

David Hinkley
The Aerospace Corporation

Update on Dependable Multiprocessor (DM) CubeSat Technology Development

John Samson
Honeywell Aerospace, Defense and Space

BRICsat: "Staying Up Longer"

Bob Bruninga
US Naval Academy

UKube-1: The first TechDemoCube Multi-payload Nanosatellite

Steve Greenland
Clyde Space

Adapting Linux-based Computing to CubeSats

Andrew Kalman
Pumpkin, Inc.

S-Band CubeSat Communications with the Open System of Agile Ground Stations (OSAGS)

Kerri Cahoy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Mobile CubeSat Command and Control (MC3) Ground Station Network

Giovanni Minelli
Naval Postgraduate School

Carpcomm Space Communication Network

Timothy Stranex
Carpcomm GmbH

Advancing Small Satellite Mission Capabilities Through the Establishment of a Robust NanoSat Communications Network

David Whalen, Martin Hynes, Jeremy Straub & Ronald FevigUniversity of North Dakota

Where did all those Launches Come From?

Bob Twiggs
Morehead State University

NOAA Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs

Alan Robinson

Regulatory matters concerning authorization of Small Sats:  Common Misunderstandings about the FCC and Licensing

Sankar Persaud
FFC Satellite Engineering Branch

AFRL Scholars and University NanoSat Programs

Misty Crown

Beyond CubeSats: Operational, Responsive, Nanosatellite Missions

Jeroen Rotteveel
ISIS- Innovative Solutions in Space

High Power Panels to Enable High-Performance CubeSat Missions

Nate Storrs
Tethers Unlimited, Inc.

Propulsion Solutions for CubeSats

W. Dan Williams
Busek Co. Inc.

CP8- IPEX Balloon Launch Results

Jeff Weaver and Sean Fitzsimmons
Cal Poly PolySat Program

Flat Flexible Cables in Picosatellites

Geoff Maul
Aerospace Corporation

Combined Environment Testing to Reduce Payload Mass, Cost and Mission Risk

Frank Arute
Drexel University

Operation and Performance of Desktop Vacuum Chamber for CubeSats

Andrew Kalman
Pumpkin, Inc.

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